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Red Muramasa BladeLegendary
Rank 1: +2,000 Damage Rating to Bleeding Powers
Rank 2: +2,000 Health
Rank 3: +1,500 Deflect Rating
Rank 4: +1,500 Brutal Strike Rating
Rank 5: Harness the very soul of your enemy, stealing 300 Health from your target when you Critically Hit with a Bleed Power.

Maximum rank achieved
Muramasa used a piece of Wolverine's soul in forging this blade, just as he used a piece of his own in forging the Black Blade. This sword is also made of an unknown alloy that was originally bright red in color, but now has the color of a conventional blade.

Level Required: 1Item Grade: 70Not tradeableItem ID: 2693Last update: 10-01-2018
Red Muramasa Blade
Loot info:

Console Only