Items - Legendaries - Twilight

Rank 1: +500 Damage Rating
Rank 2: +1,500 Health
Rank 3: +2,000 Damage Rating to Signature Powers
Rank 4: +2,000 Damage Rating to Ultimate Powers
Rank 5: When you use your Ultimate Power, gain the power of Twilight, granting you 1000 Critical Hit Rating, 1000 Brutal Strike Rating, 1000 Damage Rating vs Bosses, and 1000 Health Regen for 20s. (5 Minute Coooldown)

Maximum rank achieved
The sword was created by Surtur using the "Burning Galaxy." Also known as the Sword of Doom, it was intended to set the universe afire, later used as a power source by Loki & Morgan Le Fay.

Level Required: 1Item Grade: 70Not tradeableItem ID: 2692Last update: 10-01-2018
Loot info:

Console Only