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The Golden MaceLegendary
Rank 1: +2,000 Health
Rank 2: +750 Damage Rating to Melee Powers
Rank 3: +1,500 Defense Rating
Rank 4: +1,500 Critical Hit Rating to Hand-to Hand Power
Rank 5: Each hit with a Melee Power applies a stack of Olympian Toughness, increasing your Defense Rating by 100 per stack. At 20 Stacks gain Olympian Strength, granting you 1000 Melee Damage Rating for 10s

Maximum rank achieved
It was forged by the Olympian Hephaestus with Adamantine. It is easily as strong and durable as Mjolnir. Given to Hercules as a replacement for a wooden club he favored as a mortal.

Level Required: 1Item Grade: 70Not tradeableItem ID: 2691Last update: 10-01-2018
The Golden Mace
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